How do yo do it

„How do you do it?“ is a website that tells stories about the life, surroundings and
 work settings of several designers and the associated philosophies. It explores
 the sociological characteristics, which bring the job of the designer — work and
 life balance under the pressure to develop creative ideas.

How is it possible not 
to turn into a workaholic or what requirements are necessary to do a good job
 and still keep the personal freedom? The purpose is to give students, young
 and also seasoned designers the opportunity to see how independently working
 designers are doing it, to find out how and what they want to do for themselves
 and if there are differences between the countries. For this aim to be achieved
 I interviewed various designers in different cities and countries, to publish
 the results in form of videos on the How do you do it – website. It started in
 Barcelona, Hamburg and Berlin. This project is a student work and was 
created for the bachelor thesis. Videos, Flyer, Postcards, Website. Interviewed Designer and Studios: I like Birkds (Hamburg), Human Empire
(Hamburg), Node (Berlin), EPS 51 (Berlin), Stan Hema (Berlin), BIS (Barcelona),
Alex Torchut (Barcelona), Hey Studio (Barcelona), Toormix (Barcelona), Villuendas
& Gommez (Barcelona), Lo Siento (Barcelona), Klas Ernflo (Barcelona)For more Interview-videos klick here